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Paul began in luthiery in 1981 with only a Les Paul guitar and his dad’s jigsaw. Upon completion of this “new and improved” double cut-away, he read all he could on this craft, and began doing repairs on local musicians' instruments.

In 1987, Paul traveled out west to attend G.I.T. in Hollywood, and eventually began work at Carruthers Guitars. While at John’s (Carruthers), he had the pleasure of working on instruments owned by top artists in nearly every music genre:

Aerosmith,   Buzz Feiten,   The Doors,
Steve Vai,   Def Leppard,   Albert Collins,
Eric Clapton,   Bon Jovi,   Lionna Boyd, and others. This was quite an experience for a kid from upstate NY!

In 1992, after experiencing earthquakes, riots, and epic surf, Paul moved back to New York and began a 5-year partnership with David Nichols at Custom Pearl Inlay. Besides the never-ending stream of inlay projects, they kept busy building custom guitars and banjos, along with a pile of repair & warranty work for Martin Guitar Company.

Currently, Paul specializes in custom inlays and design, catering not only to builders, but also the players of instruments around the world. Paul also enjoys working on “special” inlay projects”!

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